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The eProcurement Class DSC is solely used for the e-Procurement System of the Government of Mauritius ( Soft tokens are available to all applicants irrespective of their country of residence. Hard tokens are only available to applicants residing in the Republic of Mauritius (the hard tokens will be issued by Mauritius Post).

Apply for Digital Certificate

Certificate Class eMudhra General Class: General class certificates are appropriate for authenticating and signing any online and mobile activities including but not restricted to efiling, online banking, ecommerce, electronic documents etc.
Type of Token Hard token: It is hardware, crypto token. It is portable, can be attached and dettached like pen drive. It cannot be exported. It is very safe as well as easy to handle.
Gender Select the Gender Male or Female
Name Firstname | Surname | Maiden name
Email Id Enter the Email id. This email id will be part of the certificate thus issued.
Applying for Organization/Official Use Please check the box, if the certificate request being made on behalf of the organisation otherwise if the certificate request is made in the individual capacity, then does not check the box.
Organization Name If the certificate request is made on behalf of the Organization, then please do mention name of your organization. This field will be displayed in the certificate
Department If the certificate request is made on behalf of the Organization, then please do mention department name. This field will be displayed in the certificate
Address Please mention the address for which you have documentary evidence.
District Please enter the District
Town City Please enter the Town City
Country Mauritius
National ID Number Please enter the National ID number issued by Government
Date of Birth Please provide the date of birth in dd/mm/yyyy format
Mobile / Telephone No Please provide Mobile/telephone no.
Nationality (select the country to which you belong to)* Please select Mauritius
Registration Authority Submit the application along with documentary evidence to the nearest Registration Authority.

Search for DSC

Search certificate is an online web interface, wherein the relying party / an individual can check for the reliability of the DSC that has been provided it. Using this module, the user / relying party can know the status of the certificate that is being presented. Any one of following attributes that the user has to provide to get details and status of DSC. They are:

  • Certificate Serial Number: This is a unique number that the DSC would contain. This can be viewed by double clicking on the DSC -> Click on Details tab -> Click on Serial Number attribute.
  • Common Name: This would be the name of the individual on the certificate. This can be viewed by double clicking on the DSC -> Click on Details tab -> Click on Subject attribute -> Check for CN. CN will contain the name of the individual.

On submission, after successful validation, certificate serial number and common name will displayed along with View button.

Click on View button, to view details of certificates along with status of the certificate. You can also download the certificate by clicking on Download button.

Download DSC

On successful validation of data provided by the user, eMudhra CA process the application. Once the application is processed, the user will be receiving an email containing credentials for download of DSC. This includes application number, unique number and date of birth.

These credentials have to be keyed in by the user. Once the credentials entered by user are valid, then the application will enable the user for key pair generation and certificate download. The user can also verify his/her certificate details before download of DSC.

For any queries, our customer service can be contacted by email at or call us at 211-8423.

Revoke DSC

A digital signature certificate can be revoked under circumstances such as the following:

  • Users suspect compromise of certificate private key
  • Change in personal data
  • Change of relationship with the organization

This is an irreversible process. Once the DSC is revoked, the same cannot be used again. The only option available for the user is to re-apply for the certificate. So, make sure before revoking digital signature certificate.

To revoke digital signature certificate, the user has to provide following details:

Field Name Description
Application Number This is the application number that was generated during online submission of application.
Serial Number This is a unique number that the DSC would contain. This can be viewed by double clicking on the DSC -> Click on Details tab -> Click on Serial Number attribute.
Date of Birth Date of birth of the certificate holder that is registered with
Revocation Reason Please select appropriate revocation reason from the drop down
Remarks This is an optional field. If the user intends to specify something about the revocation.
Verification Please enter verification code that is displayed. This is case sensitive.

On submission, the credentials thus entered are validated. On successful validation, the digital signature certificate is revoked. A confirmatory email is sent to the certificate holder.

Important Notice to Applicants:

Thank you for contacting eMudhra. We regret the inconvenience caused to you. We are currently in process of renewing our CA certificates with CCA Mauritius. This may take another 15 days to complete the renewal process for issuing the certificates.

Digital Signature Mauritius

This site is for applying and downloading digital signature in Mauritius.
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Latest News

  • 09th May, 2012: eMudhra became 1st licensed Certifying Authority in Mauritius.
  • 10th June, 2013: Knowledge Series Workshop held at Hotel Hennessey Park, Ebene.
  • 28th Sep, 2015: Launching of e-Procurement System at Hotel Hennessy Park, Ebene.
You can apply online for a DSC for the eProcurement Class by submitting a duly filled application form along with other documentary proofs.
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You can download DSC, once the DSC application is successfully validated and processed.
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You can revoke DSC, if it is suspected of key compromise, change in personal data, etc.
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